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Air Lanka  
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Air Mauritius  
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UAE, Oman, Australia, Maldives.  
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Norfolk Island  
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Australian Tourist Commission  
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Singapore Tourist Promotion Board  
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Mauritus Tourist Board  
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Australias Natural Wonders  
Australian Geographic Book of The Kimberly  
Guide to Freestyle Skiing  
Guide to Hangliding  
Burnam Burnams Guide to Aboriginal Australia.  
Fiji thru The Eyes of The Fijian.

Founding member in Australia of the elite IMAGE BANK Stock Library. Major stck photographer since the 70's. Images have appeared all over the world.
Blown Away Hawaii - stills and camerawork on this dynamic look at windsufing in paradise.  
Rolling Home - stills, camerawork and sound on this socio documentary trip around Australia.
Leica International Photo - 'Blue Girl' 1991 Kodak Photo - 'Girl in Door' 1988  
Art Directors Award - 'Boots Cosmetics' 1983

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